The Meaning of the Name “Mashambanzou”

The name Mashambanzou comes from the Shona words ‘kushamba’ (to wash) and ‘nzou’ (elephant). Elephants are known to bathe in the wee hours of the morning, and this ritual is known to represent the dawn of a new day. Thus, on a metaphorical level, the name Mashambanzou was chosen to bring inspiration to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV) by a true visionary, Sr. Noreen Nolan (1935-1999) of the Little Company of Mary after witnessing the suffering, pain, poverty and stigmatisation of people living with HIV/AIDS in Harare, Zimbabwe. At the centre of her heart was to prevent HIV from spreading further hence destroying lives and families In order to achieve this vision, the founding mission and primary objectives of Mashambanzou Care Trust (MCT) were set. Mashambanzou Care Trust aspires to shepherd the People Living with HIV and those affected through the dark & lonely nights,the fear, hunger, stigma and discrimination; and to walk confidently with them into the dawn of a new life filled with hope and untapped opportunities.

Legal Status

Mashambanzou Care Trust is registered with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare as a Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO 9/90).


Resilient & healthier communities empowered to deal with HIV/AIDS


To provide quality integrated services & empower the most vulnerable communities to deal with HIV and AIDS. 

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