Child Protection

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This project seeks to reduce the vulnerability of children in adversities as a result of poverty, HIV, TB and disability by enhancing the extent to which households provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment to children on various aspects of development (physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive development). The project aims to provide support to vulnerable children, enable social services to directly assist vulnerable children and integrate the national HIV/AIDS response by supporting adult persons living with HIV/AIDS who are also caregivers to the children. This programme has various projects that interact wholly to provide the ultimate goal of protecting children. These projects are:

Putting Children First (PCF)

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The project is working to ensure that children of targeted communities are safe from abuse, neglect, violence and exploitative practices in all environments allowing them to pursue development milestones. The project has three main objectives:

1. Improved access to and increase utilisation of essential child protection services for children and adults through strengthened child protection structures in targeted communities of Mbare, Hopley, and Glen Norah. The objective focused on strengthening the capacity and function of community child protection structures through providing training on child protection to child led committees, community and religious leaders as well as volunteers and mentor teachers. To ensure that the communities are aware of child rights, innovative methods for raising awareness such as radio sessions and sports galas

2. To improve knowledge, attitude and practices for people in selected communities of Mbare, Hopley and Glen Norah on gender based violence through increased awareness. The focus has been on raising awareness within communities on gender issues and particularly on GBV and influencing people’s attitudes and behaviour through training. The project targets men, women and school children, both boys and girls.

3. Increased income of vulnerable households through training in entrepreneurship that will result in the establishment of small businesses. Selected vulnerable household members trained in entrepreneurship skills and the programme facilitates the creation of IGA groups through provision of starter packs.

Education/School Support


Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) need educational support. Education ans school support project focuses on giving education to those in need. Educational support is given from the pre-school level to the tertiary level. This project is awards support to those in need the most since there is limited funding. There is no discrimination of the recepients based on any criteria other than need.
This project is jointly funded a a number of donors. It has a number of activities which all aim to achieve:

  • Purchase of school uniforms
  • Payment of school fees
  • Transport allowances

Houses of Safety/Transit Homes

Houses of Safety/Transit Homes

There are two houses of safety both located in Mbare Harare. One of the houses is along Zata street and the other along Mlambo road. The Zata house accommodates girls and the Mlambo houses boys. Children within these homes are provided with food and clothing during their stay. Clothing they can take when they leave the house to supplement their fashion in the world.
These houses do not offer permanent accommodation to the children. Children are usually accommodated in these houses when:

  1. a child has a case that needs processing with a government organ or any other organization.
  2. there is need for temporary shelter for children in unsafe and threatening environments in collaboration with the Department of Social Services (DSS).
  3. their parents/guardians are receiving HIV related treatment, care and support at Mashambanzou Care Unit (MCU).

Nenyere Day Care Centre (NDCC)

Nenyere Day Care Centre (NDCC)

Located in Mbare is the Mashambanzou Care Trust's Early Childhood Development Centre. As Frederick Douglass once said, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." At NDCC we strive to lay a concrete foundation for the children to help them in their learning. Children are taught everything as per the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education approved curriculum. On a daily basis the children are offered # nutritious meals. Health assessments are done on a monthly basis. If a child falls sick he or she is given immediately and is reffered to a specialist if there is need.
Counselling is done on a periodic basis or as per special need. We believe that a health mind is a healthy being. We have a specialist counselloer to assess and deal with all the psychological needs of the child. Parents or guardians may be helped with Income Generating Projects (IGPs). Also aid in obtaining legal documents for the guardian or child is granted. Upon graduation those who cannot afford Primary school fees are helped under the Education/School Support programme. All the children are given school uniforms to have a fresh start as first graders.